Author Lynne Shivers

Church event planner and author of "God is in the Details"

Praise for “God is in the Details”

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Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Read below for praise for “God is in the Details,” available for purchase here.

So you’ve been asked to plan the next big (or small) church event. Such a request strikes fear in the heart and a barrage of questions flood the mind. The good news is God Is in the Details is your answer. Lynne Shivers, an experienced event planner and seasoned minister, has penned this groundbreaking and necessary tool for individuals who have been tasked with planning a church event. She presents a biblical-base foundation for planning events that magnify the glory of God. Her step by step instructions for event planning are useful for event planning in churches or secular arenas. If you have a passion for excellence, God is the Details is for you.
—Dr. Debby Mitchell, Founder
All Things Artistic Ministries, Inc. Christian Writers

Prior to my retirement from Joy of Jesus Ministries in Detroit, I planned and successfully implemented many events. However, I have learned one thing for sure after editing Lynne Shivers’ comprehensive book, God Is in the Details; there is always more that we can learn. It is a wonderful resource tool for all event planners. Oh, how much I wish that I would have had this awesome book “back in the day.” It has been a pleasure to serve as Lynne Shivers’ editor. Do yourself a favor and get a copy before you plan your next event.
—Minister Mary D. Edwards
Leaves of Gold Consulting, LLC

For the past seven years I have prayed, cried, worried, put notes on paper and then lost the paper trying to prepare for a successful conference. Attending another conference, as the Lord would have it, I met Evangelist Lynne Shivers and in conversing I mentioned to her concerning my conference. As we talked she informed me that she was an event planner and that the Lord had instructed her to help me take the conference to the next level. As we journeyed through the planning time line and her blueprint of P.E.A.C.E.; her expertise, wisdom and knowledge, eliminated all doubts, fears, and removed the struggles. Needless to say, it was the best and most successful conference since its inception. Lynne’s knowledge of event planning is God sent to the religious community.
—Dr. Eula Payne-Williams
Bruised But Not Broken Conference

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