Author Lynne Shivers

Church event planner and author of "God is in the Details"

Excerpt: Preface

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Thank You, Lord. I give first thanks to God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for allowing me to finally finish this book. It has taken years to complete. It seemed to be an eternal work in progress and a burning desire that I could not shake as I taught workshops and minicourses on event planning at colleges. Somehow, someway I had to write a book for churches and religious groups—His people. God is the master event planner. As He is excellent in all of His ways, we see His magnificent work every day. It’s been ten years since I wrote these first pages for Him, which now are given to you.

I hope you will find God Is in the Details helpful as you plan your Christian- focused event. It has truly been written from my heart. I have shared not only my successes, but also my mistakes and mishaps, with hopes that you will learn from my experiences and not repeat the same. My prayer is that you will have peace, that all of your events will be blessed, that God will get all the glory, and His children will be edified, refreshed, and restored because of your efforts.

May God’s peace be with you, Lynne E. Shivers

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