Author Lynne Shivers

Church event planner and author of "God is in the Details"

About the book

You know how people say that the Devil is in the details? Learn how God is in the details through this inspiring book that kicks the Devil out and gives God full reign in the details of planning your church or religious group event. Learn how to:

Seek God for direction from the initial idea through the big day. Cultivate positive relationships, even with those who may be difficult or disgruntled. Develop a proven planning time line that will keep you on track, no matter when you start in the process. Keep the event “fresh,” even if it’s the umpteenth event anniversary. Kick the Devil out and give him no foothold in the planning process.

“I have enjoyed reading the book, God Is in the Details, by Evangelist Lynne Shivers. In it she brings out the importance of planning our events with a purpose and with excellence. Often, we do not think about the planning that goes into an event and are discouraged by the results. But if we planned in advance, things would certainly turn out much better. The book also brings out another important point, and that is God is in the details. This is a must-read book; it’s a great resource guide for any group leader in the planning of an event. I give it two thumbs up.” Bishop Gary Harper Pastor, Greater Grace Temple-Taylor, Taylor, MI

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